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A reunion… of sorts

Oh, the sacrifices I make!

This weekend is my 20-year class reunion, which is being held in Carson City, Nevada. And this weekend is also San Diego Comic-Con International.

I really tried to figure out a plan where I could attend both, including flying up to Reno this afternoon (Friday), renting a car, driving 30 miles to the capital and saying “Hi!” to scores of old friends and former classmates… THEN turning around and driving back to Reno and flying out at midnight (or whenever the latest flight out is) so I could be back at the ‘Con by 8am Saturday.

Impossible. =:^(

So the upshot is: I’m at Comic-Con, all you beautiful babies! It’s a freaking gas! I’ve been having a great time catching up with all you Cool Jerk subscribers (some have been addicted to Armpit & Puppy’s shenanigans since last year’s ‘Con, some since 1992!) and I hope my voice can survive until Sunday evening! I’ve been selling CJ shirts, Funbags, button packs, window decals, ashcans (comic booklets) and doing as many free sketches as my wrist will allow! And that was just yesterday! There’s still three more days left!

So I just want to say thanks to all of you. It was really hard to R.S.V.P. a “not going to attend” for the reunion, but because of you Cool Jerk readers and sleeper agents, it’s worth it.

New strip here, Chester! And check out the Morgue if you need to catch up on Armpit’s hairstylist story. Tidbit: “The New Lou” is about 80% accurately based on the gal who cuts my hair. And I had two sketch requests for her yesterday!

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