SDCCI ’07 photo recap!

OK. So I was off to a bad start. I thought I could do a “pre-comic-con” before the big show but I realized that I would reach more potential buyers IN the San Diego Convention Center.

And voila! My T-shirt says, “You promised to buy one!” Each buyer of Hodabeast sold at Comic-Con got an exclusive Paul Horn sketchbook ashcan FOR FREE!!!111oneone

Things were just smoking at the ‘Con, let me tell you! Here I am being interviewed by Access Hollywood. No, that’s actually David Malki!, the creator of the brilliant Wondermark.

Here’s what I was forced to look at for 36 continuous hours. (L to R – moi, Darlene, ghost writer David Poller, Kim the Catgirl and comics gadfly/illuminati John Layman)

John Layman, apoplectic that he’s getting his Hodabeast signed by yours truly IN THE FLESH!

Sweet baby Jesus! That’s actually Daniel Davis of Steam Crow Press, holding an awesome KlawBerry plushie. Do yourself a favor and buy his stuff. He’s got more talent in his pumpkinhead than most people have in their entire lower abdominal area!

I… I’m really not sure what this gal’s bag is. The hat makes me think “Hogan’s Heroes” and the rest of the outfit makes me think I’ve been a naughty, naughty boy.

“‘ssup, dog! Get some MF’ing Junior Whoppers at my crib, yo!”

It continues to haunt my dreams.

Ghost Rider and one of about a thousand pleather-clad Catwomen seen on the exhibitor floor.

Dr. Girlfriend smoking some Camel unfiltereds. You know… for the voice.

Just about creepy, seeing the “Saw” dude waving to you from the steps of the convention center.

Mary Marvel vs Black Adam.

Ms. Marvel is one of my favorite characters from Marvel Comics, and I’ve never seen anyone even remotely be able to pull off the proper look. She came pretty close (last year, she was Power Girl).

Eisner Award-nominees Sam and Max! I dunno if Steve Purcell was in the Sam costume or not.

Fun little sketch I whipped up for a fan.

…and one of Puppy.

Jonathan Solomon (remember last year’s “Sexy Velma” sketch?) asked for another sketch of another of his fetishes, Harley Quinn.

And a sketch of me by Arthur Baltazar, the artist of Patrick the Wolf Boy. I’ve never met him; Joe and Ben of the “Poway Posse” took my photo with their cell and showed it to Arthur… and 30 seconds later, instant sketch! Thanks, guys!

I don’t know what they were promoting, except Depression-era gangster violence.

Incredibles indeed.

Darlene managed to sneak a shot of Marina Sirtis (Counselor Deanna Troi on “Star Trek TNG”). I have to say, she still looks pretty damn good.

Not a costume, just comedy.

Jon Favreau’s shiny forehead and Robert Downey Jr. discuss how next year’s “Iron Man” movie will possibly be a mild success in the indy film circuit.

OK. Pretend you haven’t already seen the Iron Man mark I armor already on a quarter-million Web sites. Now bow before its awesomeosity.

Enchantress and Loki. I’ve been seeing this female model in various costumes since WonderCon in February, and the guy is at least a three-year veteran of SDCCI.

Another typical view from the Cool Jerk table (L to R: Adam West-style Batman, Loki and Wonder Woman). Hey, ladies… I don’t want to hear it! I’m just giving equal time for that Flash photo in 2005! Trivia: Guy in Loki and Flash costumes? Same person.

Neighbors to the north Jose Cabrera and his make-peepee-in-your-pants-funny “Crying Macho Man” comics. Behind him is his wife Naomi and “El Gato’s” certifiable Michael Aushenker (in blue).

That’s me and Whitney Matheson, from USA Today’s Pop Candy blog.

  1. Mr. Joey says:

    I should’ve bought a Hodabeast when you were out peddling them on the street. 😀

  2. Lorelei says:

    Love these! My friend is the guy in the photo dressed as Burger King.

  3. Willenborg says:

    I see that Loki/Enchantress couple EVERYWHERE. I wonder if they’re professional cosplayers or just do it for the ego trip.

  4. Willenborg says:

    That Loki guy was dressed as Angel this year.

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