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Cool Jerk does Staple!

This weekend (March 3 & 4), Team Cool Jerk will be tabling at Staple! — The Independent Media Expo. We’ll be splitting a table with amazing simian-centric illustrator Chet Phillips! YOU CAN’T MISS US!

Here's a lil' map I whipped up for ya!

We’re really looking forward to it because A) we’ve never been to Austin, TX (although I’ve been to Austin, NV), B) we’ve heard nothing but good things about the show — which has expanded to two days starting this year, C) we’ve heard the attendees have a voracious appetite for indy comics and self-publishing creative types, and D) speaking of “having an appetite,” Darlene and I will be poking around the Austin area for cool and unusual places to eat. On the list: The Junction House in Kingsland. If the house looks familiar but you can’t quite place where you’ve seen it, let me give you a couple of hints: Tobe Hooper. Chainsaw. Leatherface.

I can’t wait to infect the Lone Star State with Cool Jerk madness. Hope to see you there! (If you can’t make it but have a Texan pal who likes comics — tell him/her to head on over!)

Cool Jerk’s comic-con commitments for 2012

Since my checks evidently didn’t bounce, I can now share the official schedule of Cool Jerk comic-con appearances in 2012 thus far; Cool Jerk may attend a ‘con or two later in the year. (Any suggestions?)

Staple! • Austin, TX

March 3-4

We’ve never been to Austin or Staple! so we’re really looking forward to this little independent show. We’ve heard nothing but good things about the city, the people and the attendees’ appetite for comics.

WonderCon • Anaheim

March 16-18

This will be Cool Jerk’s fifth year at WonderCon! They moved the venue from San Francisco while the Moscone Center is being renovated, so it’ll be interesting to see who makes the pilgrimage down from the Bay Area.

Phoenix Comicon • Phoenix

May 27-30

Really on the fence about Phoenix Comicon. The last time I tabled there (2010) it seemed more like “early Halloween” than a place for people to buy comics. So I’m likely giving it a pass.

Denver Comic Con • Denver

June 15-17

Cool Jerk has never exhibited in Denver, either… and that’s probably because Denver has never had a comic-con before now! The inaugural Denver Comic Con looks to fill the comic-con void in the Rockies, drawing in people from several adjacent states!

Comic-Con International • San Diego

July 11-15

Ten years in a row for Cool Jerk, in the same spot as always (Small Press K10, next to the restrooms and vomitorium)!

GeekGirlCon • Seattle

TBD (October?)

In lieu of spring’s Emerald City Comic-Con, Cool Jerk will be attending the second GeekGirlCon in the fall (if they hold a second con — stay tuned).

So mark your calendars, put in vacation time, book those flights and bring your wallets!

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