Here’s a host of handy jumping-on points for various story lines and other random favorite strips, presented in reverse chronological order!

Yuri’s back (and there shall be a reckoning)!
The Handmaid’s Tale™ Ceremony Activity Playset!
Nutter Butter outta control!
Take only pictures, leave only footprints!
Putting the FUN in erectile dysfunction!
Sweden the pot!
Blown away!
Black Panther #respect!
Introducing: Elizameth!
REAL American Horror Story!
Meet cute!
Hooking up with Jesus!
If this is alt-wrong, I don’t wanna be alt-right!
Death of Godzilla tribute strip!
Casper the Friendly Dead Kid!
Poking the bear!
Twin Peaks returns!
Bill Paxton memorial strip!
You gotta be KIDNEY me!
GEICO’s R’lyeh popular ad campaign!
The day the Prince of China died!
So sargasmic!
Drop the MF boba!
Introducing Penis Manrod!
Introducing Stacey’s iPhone 6 Plus!
Z’ma and E-Bo!
Sexy Ebola!
Ice Ice Baby!
My baby takes the mourning train!
Yuri’s leave of absence!
Fault in our Stares!
Kickstart my heart (or gut)!
Foiled again!
Take the quiz!
Putting the “p-o-o” in “pool!”
Catching up with DeeDee and Loosie!
Meet Mokey™ — and say goodbye!
Maggot’s big change!
What did Foxie say?
When Goths dress scary for Halloween!
Puppy’s civic duty!
Spittle Beach Mayor Grabby McTesticleface!
Coming soon from SyFy!
The Spittle Beach Curse!
Ankle monitors— a refresher course!
Can’t spell “romantic” without “Manti!”
Don’t bogart the grinder, yo!
Java the Hut in jeopardy!
No Pho King way!
Avengers Assemble!
Puppy gets downsized(?)
Doctor (W)homeless!
Snow White and Kim Kardashian!
Armpit’s shhh…THOOM! audition!
Introducing: Dog-Shoggoth the Cthulhudoodle!
Twihard with a vengeance!
Under the influence!
Manuel… yer out!
The Startling Return of Evil DMV Girl!
Rained out!
Puppy’s huge pair is getting huge-r!
One way Cool Jerk is not like Star Wars!
VD with the guys!
Respect to Tex Avery!
Don’t look like a douche!
Why Armpit & Puppy don’t go out to nice places!
Vampires! Zombies!
Yuri’s secret career!
Armpit vs. Post-Traumatic Salon Disorder!
The sad, short life of Asswipe Johnson!
RIP Frazetta!
Taco Bell? WUAAARGH!
Groundhog Day!
Asshats talkin’ about Haiti!
AAAAHH!! Dangerman!
Deck the halls!
Thomas Nast vs Tiger Woods!
Manhattan vs. group therapy!
Party Hardy on Halloween!
The Lynch Mob meet David Lynch!
What would YOU do…?!?
Mackenzie Phillips book-signing action!
Tomato Fruit Roll-Up!
Yuri gets butt-dialed!
Ever wonder about Puppy’s bodacious curvaceousness?
Armpit and Puppy vs. corporate movie rental chainstore!
Introducing: Mrs. The Narrator!
Maggot’ll knock your lights out!
Star Trek drinking game!
Nasty girl! NASTY!
Dingo was his name-o!
Manhattan’s bromantic mandals!
People Eating Tasty Animals!
Octopussy! (NOT OctoChica!)
Race For The Cure!
Don’t push Puppy’s buttons!
Hot and steamy Yuri and Armpit action!
Manhattan seduced by VPILF!
Puppy vegges out!
Scott Baio, Easter Island and Zooey Deschanel!
Introducing: OctoChica!
Spittle Beach gets the worst STD ever!
Grayday! Grayday! Man down!
Take a stab!
Armpit vs. circus freaks!
Signs of the Apocalypse!
Nice beavers!
Puppy vs. Maggot’s saggy butt!
Armpit vs. hand gestures!
The opposite of MILF!
Woman of Mass Distraction!
Clooney, Damon and… Rin Tin Tin?
Armpit vs. fro-yo!
Like déjà vu all over again!
Paul Lynde…?!?
Goth karaoke!
Hocus focus!
Armpit gets plucked over!
Armpit vs. Bed, Bath & Beyond!
Slummin’ with Jacko!
Of Bo Derek, zombies and Dennis Hopper!
Armpit vs. footwear!

(The following unclickable strips — and many, many more — are found in Cool Jerk Vol. 3: Bimboozled)

It’s all in Black and White!
WARNING! Cartoon of Prophet Mohammed?!?
Vexed by eggs!
Help the hungry!
Chillin’ with Trent Reznor!
Ancient Chinese secret!
The real Slim Shady!
No expletive way!
Messing with the mallrats!
Lindsay Lohan vs. Herculoids!
Girls’ night out!
Ted Williams’ final appearance!
You think YOU’RE scared…?!
How did Puppy and Foxie get their names?
Another reason the multiplex-experience blows!
Armpit vs. Yuri, Salma Hayek and Monica Bellucci!
When hair-dos go BAD!
Maggot’s ultimate caper!
Puppy vs. Man Pants! (Pt. 2)
Puppy vs. Bad Pants! (Pt. 1)
Putting the “low” and “wee” in Halloween!

Goremonger vs. science! (COLOR!)
Games people play! (COLOR!)
Manhattan & Roxy’s blind date! (COLOR!)
Phil DaPage vs. Johnny Cha-Cha! (COLOR!)

The whole Gilligan’s Island opus!
Introducing Seashelly Dumpster — the worst lifeguard EVER!
It’s Jane Fonda’s nipple!
Armpit and Puppy vs. The Force!
Dental DAMN!
Ozz tribute strip
Tying up that old plot thread…!
Well, what’s YOUR New Year’s resolution?
Trick or treat, smell my feet…!
Meet Afghan Stan and Anti-Talibany Annie!
Three! Three! Three gags in one!
Not even close, folks…!
Ah-Kan gets nervous!
Erin Gray tribute strip!
The perils of breast augmentation!
Here there be dragons!
You ARE the weakest link!
Try this with your special pal!
Marooned maroons!
The First Daughter… revisited!
Vote early and often!
Lynch Mob’s favorite holiday!
I can’t beeping believe it!
Psyche repoman!
Easter goodness!
Doc Splatter!
The Blonde Weenie Project!
Goremonger vs. eBay!
Armpit vs. any hot gal you’ve ever looked at!
Battle royale!
Warm leatherette!
The worst movie ever made!

Fashion victim!
Tab TV!
Cool Jerk defined!
Puppy vs. outwardly superficial louts!
Fried beige tomatos!
Meet Anna Nicole Smith!
Before everyone loved John Woo…!
Another of life’s embarrassing moments!
Puppy vs. the DMV!
Morphin’ or Morphine?
Maggot meets puberty!

Armpit & Puppy go postal!
Puppy’s first comic-con!
Armpit goes grunge!
Has this ever happened to you?
Why Annie Lennox and I are so pale!
The thong!
Armpit vs. unemployment!
Feels like you’re being watched…!
While Kurt Cobain was still alive…!
Going to Hell?
Games to play with your friends!
Culture takes a victim!
My favorite holiday!
Apartment hunters!
You call ’em homeless. I call ’em hobos!
Dangerman vs. malnutrition!
The Dangerman saga!
The First Daughter!
Nitzer Ebb commercial!
Enter: the Maggot!
Puberty vs. nightclubbing!
Merry Christmas, Jerk!
Gross-out contest (true story)!
Puppy vs. unemployment!
Enter: The Goremonger!
I’ll take Manhattan!
Slammin’ with Manhattan!
I think this really happened once…!
Puppy’s first college buddy!

Everything’s beachy keen!
Armpit vs. the Anti-Christ!
Cool World!
Off to college!
Puppy vs. cruisers!
Armpit & Puppy’s graduation!
Senior prom!
High school field guide!
Bob Adams tribute strip!
Armpit vs. Durk!
While Michael Hutchence was still alive…!
Putting the “psycho” in “psychology!”
Buster Moves!
Dramarama Mama!
Revenge of Club Neo!
Parker Lewis still can’t lose!
Nevada Day RULES!
Total KRAP!
Armpit vs. the Rhetoric teacher!
Say cheeseball!
Armpit vs. the whole student body!
Road trip!
Armpit gets his ‘Jerk on!
Slangin’ around with Rocket & Sunset!
Puppy’s units!
Runaway Rocket!
The floor was packed with sweaty torsos!
Rebecca Jennings!
Wanda Kitsmiller!
Armpit vs. minimum wage!
It all began here!

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